Rules & Procedures

Here you can find full standard IPO rules and procedures. Rules for essay writing are as follows:

I. Every student writes an essay on one of the four topics given to them.
II. The essay must be written in one of the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish; however, it must not be written in the official language(s) of the student’s state (e.g., a German does not write in German). The only aid that may be used during the students´ essay-writing are bi-lingual dictionaries in the pupils´ own language and one of the official IPO languages (English/German/French/Spanish), and mono-lingual dictionaries in one of the official IPO languages. Such dictionaries must be in paper versions, not in any electronic format.
III. The time of writing is 4 hours.
IV. The names of the authors of all essays are encoded and not known to the assessors until the final ranking is fixed.

e-IPO 2020 Rules & Procedures: online essay writing

Students will write their essays on school or personal computers. They can be at home or in school while they are writing the essays.

Students will need working internet connection and the computer with the web camera. Student do NOT need any registered online account for any platform, they will only follow the links to online classrooms.

The essay writing process will be facilitated by the main coordinator and a team of “control persons”. Each of the competitors will have direct access to the assigned control person for any troubles or questions during the process.Each of the registered competitors will have a short online meeting with one of the control persons to check all the settings and procedures before the event (in the last 5 days before the event). All the candidates will receive the link to online classroom for essay writing and detailed instructions.

SUPERVISION: Following measures will be implemented to maintain the integrity of the competition and to fully follow standard IPO rules:

  1. For the time of essay writing, candidates need to be ALONE in the room
  2. Candidates need to IDENTIFY themselves with the personal document via camera before they receive essay topics and personal codes
  3. Students need to be present in the assigned Zoom session with their computer face-camera on for the time of essay writing (this prevents somebody else from writing the essay)
  4. Students need to use additionally use “shared screen” feature for the time of the essay writing, so that the control person can see their screen at any moment (this prevents computer or online search during the writing)
  5. Students need to write their essays in prepared and coded online documents with the track changes function on (this prevents copy-paste from pre-existing materials).

ESSAY WRITING STEPS: this is how the process of essay writing is going to look like:

1. Registered students will receive and confirm the link to online classroom.
2. All the registered students will meet in one online classroom and then 1) they will be re-directed to “essay writing control rooms” in smaller groups and 2) each student will be assigned a “control person” which will help with any possible troubles during the process.
3. After identification with ID document each student will receive link to the personalised and coded online document with essay topics.
4. Students will need to write their essays directly and exclusively into the assigned online document. No copy pasting will be allowed or enabled. Students will have 4hours to write the essay.
5. When the student is done, they will be asked to save the g-docs under the next name: “code + “last version” (for example: “12425 last version”). Control person will create the pdf and will send it to the evaluation coordinator

***Please note that we will publish final schedule with detailed starting time for essays writing only after we receive all the applications / registration. We will try to adapt the schedule to the time-zone of the participants as much as possible. Generally we will operate under the CEST time***