Teaching philosophy through debate

One block of sessions dedicated to teaching philosophy will be dedicated to a specific popular “debate methodology” and positive practises in teaching philosophy with debate. The idea for this block comes from the A.D.A.P.T. project (A Debate And Philosophy Typology) led by Tilburg University and sponsored by EU. Within this project two IPO colleagues Floris Velema (Netherlands) and Miha Andrič (Slovenia) are currently editing a textbook for philosophy teachers and debate coaching about the possibile use of crossover between philosophy and debate in their programs.

On Saturday, May 30th (late morning CEST) you will be able to join the following sessions:

Lecture 1
Introduction to debate methodology (Miha Andrič)

Lecture 2:
Philosophy, Debate & Dialogue (Han Van Ruler)

Lecture 3:
Presentation of ADAPT project: A debate & philosophy typology (Floris Velema)

Demo debates with discussion:
High schools students from USA, Slovenia, Netherlands, Singapore, India and Canada

Moderated discussion:
Didactics in philosophy – between dialogue and debate (Marjan Šimenc)


Elective debate workshops in small groups offered to students