THE HOMELAND OF PHILOSOPHY: THE MEDITERRANEAN (online workshop for IPO students with Bruno Čurko)

We are also going to prepare WORKHOSHOP. / QUIZ FOR STUDENTS ABOUT THE HOMELAND OF PHILOSOPHY: THE MEDITERRANEAN led by our IPO colleague Bruno Curko with the book “Mediterranean armerun – Adriatic letters and images”

Mediterranean is the cradle of civilization, homeland of philosophy. There is lot of interesting stories and myths about Mediterranean symbols and Mediterranean ways of life.

We have 40 questions for you from book Mediterranean armerun – Adriatic letters and images, In fun way we will have online quiz about ancient homeland of philosophy. The winner takes all – the winner will receive hard copy of book Mediterranean armerun.

Mediterranean armerun – Adriatic letters and images is an unique art breviary of Mediterranean iconography. Armerun hides 50 iconographic determinants of the Mediterranean, such as olive, wine, small town, or fiesta. through 167 amazing artistic photographs and letters which our imaginary captain sends to his friends during his long journeys across the sea, you too will feel like you are accompanying him. every letter is enriched with a personal experience and literary erudition of some iconographic Mediterranean scene, custom, plant, animal, boat, or everyday task. (Mediterranean armerun is bilingual English and Croatian