On May 30th we are going to host another online philosophy cafe led by Tilen Kolar, student from University of Leeds. Tilen is also a Laidlaw research scholar, Young researcher at the Queer Memorials project.

About the cafe: Heterotopia – a concept introduced by Foucault, can be described as ‘other’, deviant, disturbing, ‘third’ space. In a structuralist sense, it can be articulated in opposition to the hegemony of the ‘dominant paradigm’. Contrarily, the post-structuralist discussion should avoid this dichotomy. However, it is almost impossible to theoretically or empirically “find heterotopia”, since in hyper-capitalism, ‘otherness’ is consumed under the guise of the so called ‘authenticity’. The intellectual effort to address the concept of heterotopia might require a parallel discussion about the meaning and production of time and how the latter relates, reflects, or just “is” the dominant paradigm and/or ‘deviant’ space. Examining activism and different forms of resistance to hegemonies (e.g. all kinds of phobias / capitalism / climate change, sexism etc) is an excellent opportunity to combine discussions about the meaning of the Foucault’s heterotopia and different understandings of what time is. As our bodies and realities are rapidly moving online, apply discussions about heterotopia to the analysis of online protests.

A short introduction to the topic will be made by the moderator, participants are welcome to read on activism, heterotopia and Foucault prior to the philocafe