Online Philosophy Cafes

We are happy to announce eIPO will also include Online Philosophy Cafes led by students. We are preparing this part of the program in cooperation with dear IPO colleague prof. Jasminka Milošević, students from the “Slobodan Škerovič” Grammar School from Montenegro and MAPT – Montenegrin Association of Philosophy Teachers.

Some of the philosophy cafes will also be prepared with support of IOU (“I owe you” – international education project) established by Jasminka Miloševič together another IPO colleague Salim Miah from Bangladesh and will be moderated by students from Bangladesh University of Professionals- Honours .


Language: mind, words and translation (May 28th) / Moderator: Moon Taha Teen Nikita
Philosophy & Poetry (May 29th) / Moderators: Helena Perović & Nevena Đuretić
To pursue or not to pursue West versus East (May 29th) / Moderator: Miloš Vojinović
Mind and/over Matter (May 30th) / Moderator: Mina Grebović and Milica Vusanović
Ethics on Internet (May 31st) / Moderator: Jovan Despot

*All the registered participants will receive links to the online classrooms for the discussions.

You can check video recordings of online philosophy cafe events by MAPT below:

Online Philosophy Cafe in English: Beauty
Online Philosophy Cafe in English: Friendship
Online Philosophy Cafe in Montenegrin: Distributive Justice